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Plant Based Queso Love 

"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art" -La Rochefoucauld

Jenelle Johnson

Plant Magician

Jenelle Johnson, Owner of Exotic believes that nourishment - food, healthy daily rituals is the key to achieving true wellness and the building blocks for living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I believe through a Plantbased Whole Food lifestyle the body, mind & soul can function on an optimal cellular level. This means being able to function as the best version of yourself. 

This journey has been one of love and commitment. Exotic Bites was just built on supplying Plant-based products such as the emphasis cashew queso but quickly grew into a Healthy Wellness based lifestyle brand. It is our hope here at Exotic Bites that you join us on this mindful journey and truly experience the love, the intentions and nourishment put into every bite. 

You got to Nourish to Flourish my friends!